26 Oct 2022

My-Leasys, the mobility space for your drivers

Leasys has always been at its drivers' side to facilitate their mobility. With My Leasys, we support drivers by providing them with a turnkey service and numerous functionalities related to their vehicle and the monitoring of their contract.

My-Leasys, the mobility space for your drivers

Manage your lease car anytime, anywhere

Everything is easier and faster for drivers to manage. They can make an appointment directly with one of our approved partners for any maintenance or repair operation: availability slots are visible in real time, no need to make multiple phone calls. They can easily declare a claim, find out where their tyres are stored, manage their fuel card, or request reimbursement of any expenses.

The application also allows them to view a large amount of useful information such as the various documents related to the vehicle or the contract, the history of the various operations carried out on the vehicle or the fuel stops and balance statements. They can also access useful numbers, such as Leasys support or roadside assistance. Finally, it is very easy to manage one’s contract and to choose among the actions proposed when it expires.

With My-Leasys, you can access numerous services in just a few clicks:

  • Make an appointment for your maintenance and repairs

  • Follow your fuel stops, your balance and your fuel costs

  • Declare your accidents and claims online

  • Make your reimbursement requests