When the future in uncertain, flexibility is the best plan

Challenging times call for agile responses. With Leasys Flex, your company benefits from a short-term solution, now even more flexible. With the advantage of having all services included in a monthly rent, that you can terminate whenever you like at no cost.

Sometimes you need flexibility because...

Choose Leasys Flex

An offer from 1 to 24 months that includes all the services of operational leasing

No early termination costs

You determine how long you want to have the vehicle, and if plans change and you want to return it sooner, you will not be charged with an early termination fee.

Full-service leasing

Full-service leasing for a fixed monthly fee, including among others maintenance, repair, tires, insurance and road taxes.

Availability within 48h

There’s a wide range of well equipped vehicles immediately available (within 48h). You just have to select the category.

Road assistance included

Always mobile! Road assistance is of course included, and if repairing the vehicle takes more than one day, we will provide an alternative.

A car for every need and every budget

Leasys Flex is a simple and flexible leasing formula for companies that work with employees on temporary or one-off assignments, or simply hire new employees and do not want to commit directly to a classic 3 or 4 year lease.
You receive a car for the period of time that suits you, while benefiting from the same service as for an operational lease: insurance, maintenance, roadside assistance, replacement vehicle, tyres (including winter tyres) and fuel (optional).
Booking is placed based on a vehicle category (A, B, etc.): the model actually allocated depends on availability. You can choose from various vehicle categories: from compact city cars to estate cars and MPVs. There is something for everyone.

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