12 Nov 2021

Get your car ready for the end of the year

We are inthe final countdown towards 2022. The end of the year can still offer beautiful days, but it can also be tricky on the roads with all those falling leaves, black ice, or a low winter sun. So staying alert is the message. To keep your car in perfect shape for those months, we have created a checklist for you.

Get your car ready for the end of the year

1. Tyres

These are crucial for road handling. The wrong tire pressure and/or a worn tire profile will result in less grip. Especially on a wet and slippery road surface, this can be life-threatening. Regularly check the minimum depth of your tire profile and schedule the appointment to get your winter tires in time.

2. Ventilation systems

During fall it can be moist due to fog, rainy weather, or snow. The windows of your car will then also fog up faster from the inside. There are several ways to slow this down (such as applying a little detergent). But the best solution is of course to have your ventilation, heating, and air conditioning system in order. So have these checked.

3. Wiper blades

When windshield wipers make noise or leave marks, it's time to replace them. Also, watch out for your blades freezing up in winter. A piece of cardboard between the window and wiper can work wonder

4. Lights

With the days getting shorter, you're driving to and from work in the dark. What about the lights on your car? Test your front, rear, brake, and fog lights. If no one is around to help you, test the brake lights by parking in front of a window and checking the reflection. Check not only if they are on, but also if the lights are adjusted correctly. Also remove snow and ice from your lights before you hit the road.

5. Clean windscreens with wiper fluid

There's nothing worse than having a dirty window (due to water splashing or snow) and not being able to remove that dirt without adding even more streaks to the window. During this time of the year, make sure your windshield washer fluid reservoir is always topped up. Also choose a fluid with anti-freeze.

6. Adapt your driving style

Leaves on the road, slippery roads, fog, precipitation, darker days... in these months you can expect it all. In addition to the above tips for getting your car technically ready for autumn, perhaps the most important thing is to adapt your driving style. Drive slower, keep more distance so you can anticipate longer braking distances. Pay attentino to the children on the road by bike or on foot.

7. Low-hanging sun

The sun dares to hang quite low around 8 a.m. and around 5 p.m. when you are on the road. In other words, sunglasses are not a luxury.

8. Be prepared for night frost

The nights are getting colder again, so be sure to read the most common winter tips. For example, do you have a car with a conventional combustion engine? Then make as few short trips as possible in order not to put too much strain on your battery. And your EV? Preheat it via the app, so that you can use the electricity from your battery as efficiently as possible.

Any repairs, maintenance or tire appointments can easily and quickly be scheduled via: My Leasys.