17 Apr 2018

Yellow plates: zero tolerance!

The abolition of the VAT certificate for the use by a Belgian resident of a vehicle registered in Luxembourg does not mean the end of all the obligations, on the contrary a recrudescence of the controls is foreseen.

Yellow plates: zero tolerance!

If you are a Belgian resident and you work for a Luxembourg company that puts a vehicle at your disposal as part of your duties, you must be able to present in case of infringement, immediate verbalization and failing to pay on the spot the amount :

How much is the fine?

The driver at fault will pay amounts relating to tax traffic and circulation of the vehicle plus a fine of twice the amount of the evaded part of the tax, with a maximum of € 1,250

**Which documents must be submitted? **

  • A copy of the employment contract or mission order (document proving a subordination link)

  • A document prepared by the owner of the car attesting that he has made the vehicle available

In the case of leasing, certain documents must be on board the vehicle:

  • the** lease certificate**,

  • the work contract

  • the certificate of provision of the vehicle by the employer

Our tip: to have a "composition of the household on board" because otherwise, the spouse will be verbalized if this one uses the leasing vehicle.

Source: http://www.wallonie.be/fr/controle** **