Offices in multiple countries, an international fleet of cars, or in desperate need of one.

Your focus: ensuring your company stays on the move.

Are we talking about your company?

Leasys offers local expertise on a global level, in 11 countriesin Europe. Offering you true international fleet management:

  • local expertise
  • international implementation and coordination
  • consolidated reporting
  • optimisation of entire fleet, including: managing and reducing costs, improving sustainability, including reducing CO2 emissions
  • global fleet insights and data reporting
  • consultancy services, including fleet cost analysis and advice regarding meeting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) targets

We will develop an international fleet plan, with, and especially for you. An end-to-end solution. Always thinking of what’s next for you. So less hassle for you. More time to focus on keeping your company on the move. Let us be your global partner.

What’s next for International Fleet Management?

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  3. Innovative ways to lower fleet costs
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Would you like a car?