Discover all the advantages of Pay-Per-Use leasing.
Choose your destination and the vehicle with which to reach it!
With LEASYS MILES you pay a monthly rental plus an initial rental and then pay for the miles travelled, with no additional charge for the first specified amount of miles included in the offer

  • Leasys Umove App

    Leasys Umove App supports drivers in managing their Contract Hire agreement. It allows you to always have contacts, information and services related to the contract at your fingertips.


  • Roadside Assistance

    Receive services from our Roadside Assistance partner to help you get going again should your vehicle be off-road.

  • Leasys I-CARE

    This service allows you to remotely monitor the status of your vehicle, allowing you to prevent theft and intervene in case of unforeseen events. The I-CARE service can also be managed via the Leasys App.


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