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At Leasys, we understand that the cost of maintaining your vehicle or vehicle fleet can be difficult to predict, and time consuming to manage. That’s why we’ve created a dedicated Leasys Maintenance Package, providing you with a smooth and hassle-free motoring, and enabling you to enhance your overall leasing experience.
Leasys Maintenance Package covers Servicing, Maintenance, Repairs and Tyres.
Enjoy the convenience of comprehensive vehicle maintenance and tyre replacement only for a small, fixed inflation-proof monthly payment, directly added in your monthly rental.
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What's included?

Service and maintenance

Our full maintenance option will meet the costs of all scheduled servicing, engine, transmission, suspension and electrical repairs as stated in your Contract Hire agreement. Wear parts are also included.

Already a Leasys customer? Access the Maintenance booking portal via your My-Leasys portal.


Tyre repair or replacement

Replacement of tyres due to fair wear and tear is also included.

The legal minimum tyre tread is 1.6mm – however, we allow replacement at 2.0mm.

To provide you with a wide coverage, we use the Kwik Fit Centre network. Mobile and weekend replacement services are also available for your convenience.


Features and benefits

Cost Saving & Easy Budgeting

Cost Saving & Easy Budgeting

Adding Maintenance at the outset of your contract is often cheaper in the long run than proceeding on an ad hoc basis, and enables you to budget your fleet expenses upfront. By keeping your vehicle regularly maintained, you will also avoid additional costs related to major unexpected repairs, or at the end of your contract.

With Leasys:

  • Costs are fixed and inflation-proof for the duration of your Contract Hire agreement.
  • Leasys Maintenance Package meets the costs of all scheduled servicing, engine, transmission, suspension, and electrical repairs.
Enhanced Fleet Management

Enhanced Fleet Management

Adding our Maintenance Package to your Leasys Contract Hire agreement reduces the work and time involved in managing your vehicle or fleet.

With Leasys:

  • Bookings are simply made with our approved garages via your Leasys Driver Helpline, or via the Online Booking Portal.
  • A recharge facility is available to assist with replacing damaged tyres.
  • A weekend or mobile replacement services for tyres is available via our partner Kwik Fit.
Improved Safety

Improved Safety

Regular Maintenance and timely tyre care contribute to reduce the risk of accidents and potential liabilities, and so to keep your vehicle fleet in good condition and your drivers safe.

With Leasys:

  • Maintenance is carried out to manufacturer’s specification.
  • Maintenance includes scheduled Servicing and Routine Maintenance.
  • Premium tyres are fitted as standard.
Reduced Downtime

Reduced Downtime

Regular Maintenance helps preventing breakdowns, minimises vehicle downtime, keeps your fleet operational, and reduces disruptions to your business.

With Leasys:

  • Access support 24/7 via your dedicated Driver Helpline.
  • Replacement of parts and tyres due to fair wear and tear is included (for tyres: minimum tread is 2.0mm).
Compliance & Regulation

Compliance & Regulation

Regular maintenance is required to comply with regulatory standards, and to meet the terms of your Leasys Contract Hire agreement. Regular Maintenance helps ensuring your vehicles remain compliant.

With Leasys:

  • Annual reminders are sent so you keep up to date.

How does it work for you?

When completing the quote request form, simply specify that you would like the Leasys Maintenance Package to be included, and our team will arrange it for you.

Already a Leasys customer? Access the Maintenance booking portal and your Driver Helpline via your My-Leasys portal.

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