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Bringing you further mobility support with trusted partnerships.

Leasys are partnering with key industry experts to provide customers with a best-in class experience.

Leasys leverage strategic partnerships to stay ahead of industry trends and standards, in the aim to reply to your needs and provide you with a best-in class experience. From Short-Term Rental to Electric Specialist and Fleet Industry Experts, our memberships and partnerships enable you to access a wide range of services.


Our memberships enable us to stay at the forefront of industry standards and innovation, and to have the necessary resources to continually enhance your experience, ensuring that we consistently provide you with a best-in class experience.

Leasys x The AFP

Leasys UK Ltd is a member of the Association of Fleet Professionals (The AFP).

This membership reflects our ongoing commitment to innovation and industry leadership. The AFP, a non-profit body, actively support, educate, and train the corporate fleet industry, driving standards higher and developing the next generation of fleet leaders.

Our AFP membership demonstrates our support of the industry and our commitment to helping improve the standard and operating conditions for all.


Leasys x BVRLA

Leasys UK Ltd is a member of the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA) and is proud to operate under the BVRLA Code of Conduct. The BVRLA is the trade body for companies engaged in the Leasing, Rental and Fleet Management of cars and vans for both businesses and private individuals.

Our BVRLA membership assures our customers that they should expect the highest levels of professionalism and integrity when leasing vehicles from Leasys.

The BVRLA promotes ethical trading, clear pricing, transparent terms and conditions and high-quality vehicles and customer service standards through auditing its members.


Leasys x Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK

Proud of its Italian heritage, Leasys UK Ltd is a member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK with a mission of bringing businesses together and providing vital knowledge and tailor-made assistance to companies in Italy and the UK.

As a trusted member of the Italian Chamber of Commerce we uphold the highest standards, ensuring transparency and reliability in every interaction.



Our commitment extends beyond memberships to impactful collaborations that echo our values and vision. At Leasys UK, we support meaningful sponsorships that expand our audience and enhance experiences for all.

Leasys x Edward Pearson - British GB3 Racing Driver

Leasys UK Ltd has entered a new sponsorship supporting driver, Edward Pearson, for the 2024 Championship season. In the exhilarating world of motorsport, we proudly stand alongside talented driver Edward Pearson in the GB3 Championship, showcasing his prowess while establishing Leasys UK within the motorsport community.

Commenting on the sponsorship, Matthew Boswell, Leasys UK Managing Director said “We are excited to announce our new sponsorship supporting Edward Pearson in the 2024 GB3 Championship season. A very talented driver with a strong track record, our collaboration allows us to expand our audience and enter the exciting and dynamic world of motorsport.


Leasys x The Par 3

Leasys UK Ltd is the proud sponsor of The Par 3, a collaboration that will build and strengthen both companies' names among golfers.

Our new sponsorship with The Par 3 reflects our dedication to engaging diverse communities. Through this collaboration, we aim to elevate both brands within the golfing community, enriching experiences and fostering connections among enthusiasts.

Matthew Boswell, Managing Director Leasys UK, commented: “We are glad and honoured to be partnering with The Par3, and share the same vision of innovation and passion for what we do. This partnership allows us to expand our audience and bring us closer to the exciting world of golf."



Along with memberships and sponsorships, Leasys UK have partnered up with exciting companies that aim to make life easier for our customers. Our partnerships are aimed to support in providing our customers with a best-in class experience.

Leasys x Octopus Energy

Leasys UK Ltd has partnered with Octopus Energy, providing customers with a seamless public charging experience.

Since 2016, Octopus Energy have offered cleaner, smarter, and affordable solutions with cutting-edge technology.  They have been recommended by Which? for five years running, and provide everything from tariffs to EV charging, simplifying the switch to electric vehicles.

Matthew Boswell, Managing Director Leasys UK, said: “We are very enthusiastic about the partnership with Octopus Energy’s Electroverse, an innovative company with which we share our values. We both are client-focused, we both care about the environment, and both want what’s best for our customers in terms of expertise and services to make their transition and journey to electrification an easy one.”



Leasys x Allstar

Leasys UK has partnered with fuel, charging and business payment solutions provider, Allstar, to offer customers a comprehensive new Fuel and Charging Card solution: Allstar Chargepass®.   

Customers now have access to one of the UK’s largest combined fuel and electric charging networks, with a range of options to suit all business and fleet types. The multi-franchise network has one of the largest networks of discounted fuel sites – including the low-cost supermarket network, enabling customers and fleet operators to not only receive a consolidated bill for all eligible fuel and charging purchases to easily manage their fleet budget, but also to access online reporting to monitor their spending effectively.

Leasys’ customers also have the option to include a Homecharge solution, which allows business miles to be charged to the Allstar business account, saving further costs and eliminating downtime.   

Commenting on the partnership, Matthew Boswell, Managing Director, Leasys UK, said: “This new strategic partnership with Allstar enhances our already market-leading offering, providing our customers access to one of the UK’s largest combined networks, all via a single Fuel Card solution. We’re always looking to enhance our customer offering, providing simple solutions that will make a big difference for businesses and fleets. This latest solution will give drivers greater flexibility and control, while also making Electric Vehicle leases more accessible.”


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