Modern Slavery Statement 2023

Organisational structure

Leasys UK Limited (“we” or “the Company”) is a contract hire company and was founded in 1997.  The Company is wholly owned by Leasys Italia S.p.A, registered office: Corso Orbassano, 367, Turin 10137, Italy.

This statement sets out the steps taken to remove, as far as possible the risk of modern slavery taking place in our supply chain or any part of our business under section 54 Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Our business

Leasys UK Ltd provides long term rental options to consumers and non-consumers.

Our supply chains

Leasys UK Ltd is committed to ensure that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in our supply chains or in any part of our business. The Company is committed to sustainability and promotes the requirement to consider social safeguards and human rights when selecting suppliers as well as implementing effective systems and controls to ensure slavery and human trafficking is not taking place anywhere in our supply chains.


The Company supply chains include: 

• Stellantis who is our main supplier of vehicles, and we are also supplied by other motor manufacturers;

• Crédit Agricole Personal Finance & Mobility which provides the funds required for the Company to lend;

• Motor retailers who supply us with vehicles made by various manufacturers and which we, in turn, supply to customers on finance;

• Brokers who use our products and services to offer to their customer base.

• Suppliers of IT and other office equipment; and

• Professional service suppliers such as lawyers, accountants, auditors and other consultants.

Our approach to Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Leasys UK has a zero tolerance approach to slavery and human trafficking. Consistent with the Company’s values, warranties are introduced into new and renewed supplier contracts to the effect that the supplier is compliant with the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act 2015.

Policies and Procedures

Our primary vehicle supplier, Stellantis N.V. group company, has adopted a Code of Conduct which aims to ensure that all members of the Stellantis N.V.’s group’s workforce act with the highest level of integrity, comply with all applicable laws, and build a better future for the communities in which the group does business. Stellantis N.V.’s group endorses the United Nations (“UN”) Declaration on Human Rights and the International Labour Organization (“ILO”) Conventions and has also adopted a comprehensive set of guidelines to address workplace issues such as child and forced labour. 


Also, as part of our ongoing commitment against modern slavery, policies and procedures are reviewed periodically, including but not limited to:

• Modern Slavery Act Policy

• Purchasing and Tender Procedure 

• HR Policies and Procedures 

• Whistleblowing Procedure

Due diligence processes

The Company is confident that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking taking place directly within the business due to the skill level of employees typically engaged. 

As part of our initiative to identify and mitigate the risk of modern slavery and/ or human trafficking, when on boarding a new supplier, the Company is carrying out adequate due diligence as part of the Tender and Purchasing process.

Our intermediary oversight programme also includes checks on our Retailers network to monitor compliance with the Modern Slavery Act and statement requirements.


To ensure a high level of understanding of the risks of modern slavery and human trafficking in our supply chains and our business, the Company is providing periodic training for staff and, in particular, those who engage with the Company’s suppliers.

Further steps

For 2024, the Company intends to continue staff training on an annual basis, on-going due diligence and monitoring of its suppliers and third parties, to strengthen the oversight of its Retailers and Brokers network and to carry out further risk assessments as part of the wider Company’s approach to risk management. 

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31 December 2023 as approved by the Board of Directors. 


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