Short Term Rental


A flexible vehicle rental solution with preferential rates.

A Short-Term Rental provides private individuals and business with flexibility and covers any last-minute mobility requirements. Available from 1 to 28 days, Leasys short-term rental solution enables you to choose from a wide range or cars and vans, petrol, diesel, electric or hybrid engines.

Flexible solution for private customers

Whether you want to hire a different sized vehicle for a long weekend away, need a van when moving house, or need a specific vehicle for a special event, Short-Term Rental is the ideal solution for you.

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Tailored solution for business customers

Your business keeps evolving, changing and there will be times for which a Short-Term Rental will be the best solution to tailor your mobility needs:

  • New staff members - Provide them with mobility from Day 1, until their long-term lease is sorted.
  • Discover new models, new technologies, latest equipment - Short-Term rental is the opportunity to have an “extended test drive” before committing to a long-term lease.
  • Test new engines - You heard about Electric Vehicles but are unsure if they would fit your Fleet? Short-Term Rental is a clever way to test them, giving you the confidence to make informed decisions before committing to updating your fleet.

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Leasys short-term rental solution

Providing our customers with a best-in-class experience is key to us. This is why we’ve partnered with Enterprise to give you a Short-Term Rental solution, so we can reply to all your mobility needs either personal or related to your business mobility.

With our Short-Term Rental solution, you can access a wide range of cars and vans, for up to 28 days, and at preferential rates.

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Benefits for customers

You save cost

Fixed costs at preferential rates.

You have flexibility

Rentals available from 1 to 28 days.

You're safe

Rentals cover Collision Damage Waiver.

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