03 May 2024

Transitioning to Electric Mobility: Our Podcast | Leasys

Learn more about how Leasys can be your partner in transitioning to a new electric mobility and fleet management by listening to our podcast.

Transitioning to Electric Mobility: Our Podcast | Leasys

Drive the change with Leasys to know more about Electric Mobility.


With the EU ban on new Petrol and Diesel vehicles after 2035, many fleets will consider switching to electric vehicles and embracing new, sustainable mobility with all the benefits and flexibility of long-term rental.

Whilst many fleets may feel daunted at making the switch, with careful planning and support, transitioning to electric mobility with Leasys could provide all the flexibility you need.

Being part of Stellantis enables us to provide a range of new mobility solutions to suit your individual needs and our team of experts and industry-leading strategic partners can work with you to provide a best-in-class experience to:

  • Evaluate your current fleet service
  • Identify the right type of vehicle to suit your electrification journey
  • Carry out a whole-life cost analysis to demonstrate the total cost of running your fleet
  • Assess your current fleet management contracts so you can plan your transition all in one go or progressively
  • Review charging possibilities and introduce strategic partnerships to help ease anxiety
  • Educate your drivers
  • Discuss a whole range of connected services

In short, Leasys is committed to simplifying your mobility and planning your electric transition with confidence so it’s smooth and effective.


See the Podcast here

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