10 Jun 2024

Van Leasing Explained: Business and Electric Opportunities

Whatever the size of your business, if it depends on getting goods or services from A to B, leasing a fleet of vans could help you get to the next level.

Van Leasing Explained: Business and Electric Opportunities

Whatever the size of your business, if it depends on getting goods or services from A to B, leasing a fleet of vans could help you get to the next level. This article will take a detailed look at how to lease a van and the options available, including the latest in environmentally friendly vehicles and electric vans.

How Does it Work?

The first thing you need to consider is the number of vans you want in your fleet – small- to medium-sized van fleets range from one to 25 vehicles; anything over 25 vehicles is considered a corporate fleet. Whatever the size of your business, van leasing can offer a range of benefits tailormade to suit your needs. Smaller business can take advantage of cost-effective van lease options to help their business grow.

Larger corporations will have different aims, such as reducing their environmental footprint and supporting a wide range of employee needs. The first step in leasing a van is to discuss your requirements in a dedicated consultation with our expert customer care team. Most leases include flexible terms that will ensure you get the deal best suited to your van leasing needs.

Benefits of Business Van Leasing

For smaller businesses, one of the most attractive features of business van leasing is that the initial costs are significantly lower than when purchasing a vehicle fleet. Add to that the fact that many agreements include a range of service options that also help keep the cost of managing a fleet down and minimise hassle. Finally, when the term of the lease is up, simply hand back the vehicles and start thinking about your next agreement without having to worry about the practicalities or costs of resale or the unpredictable used van resale market.

Many business van lease agreements also include additional services such as breakdown assistance, service booking, maintenance, tyre and windscreen solutions. All this can be tricky to manage when it comes to looking after a large fleet of vehicles – leasing takes the hassle out of managing business vans. Don’t forget that if you’re leasing a van for business purposes, you may be eligible to claim back the VAT on the lease payments. Road Fund Licence is also included for the duration of your lease, giving you another cost saving.

Exploring Electric Van Leasing

If sustainability and green issues are vital to your business’s brand, the use of electric and/or hybrid vehicles may be the only way to convey an image that fits with the values you’re hoping to convey to your customers. Given the price of cutting-edge electric vans, the cost effectiveness of leasing may offer vehicle options that would otherwise be unattainable. Most business van contract hire agreements start at 24 months, meaning that as technology develops, you will be able to consider new eco-friendly options as they come onto the market.

Electric van leasing is particularly suited to businesses that operate commercial vehicles over a relatively small area – our account specialists will be able to advise you on whether this type of vehicle is a good fit for your requirements. Business van contract hire agreements with Leasys include standard services such as a driver helpline and roadside assistance – optional services such as maintenance packages, tyre replacement plans, and windscreen and glass services are also available to guarantee peace of mind.

Choosing the Right Van Contract Hire Agreement

The key factor when it comes to choosing the right van contract hire agreement for your business is discussing your requirements with an experienced customer care advisor. At Leasys our van hire agreements offer a high degree of flexibility and each package is tailormade, whatever the size of your business. We cater to your specific needs in a way that makes your agreement as cost efficient as possible. As not every business is the same, nor is every business van agreement. Our corporate customers with larger fleets benefit from a dedicated key account specialist who will become a trusted partner to manage their commercial vehicle agreements and give back the time ensuring the business stays in the fast lane.

Speak to a member of Leasys’ expert customer care team today and find out how Leasys can help your business grow.