12 Jun 2024

Different types of vehicle leasing explained

There are as many different types of vehicle lease as there are different types of vehicle.

Different types of vehicle leasing explained

There are as many different types of vehicle lease as there are different types of vehicle. Whether you’re looking for PCH (Personal Contract Hire) or BCH (Business Contract Hire), you will need a contract that is tailormade for you in terms of vehicle, contract duration, mileage allowance and optional additional service packages to complement those already offered as standard.

Key types of vehicle leases

Before you look to lease a vehicle or fleet of vehicles, it’s important to understand the different types of financing options available. As well as PCH, you may also be familiar with Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), which allows you to purchase the vehicle outright at the end of the agreement with a so-called “balloon” payment. Due to the interest involved, these kinds of financing options are often more expensive overall than leasing. Vehicle leasing involves greater flexibility and the option to add services or make changes to your contract throughout its duration.

Business vs Personal vehicle leasing

If you’re looking to lease a vehicle or a fleet of vehicles for your business, it’s important to discuss your requirements with an expert to ensure your agreement can support your corporate aims in the best possible way. Contact Leasys today for a dedicated consultation.

If your vehicles are being used for business purposes, one of the key advantages of BCH compared to personal leasing is that you may be eligible to reclaim the VAT on your payments, helping you control your fleet costs and operate your vehicles cost effectively.

Leasys has also partnered with fuel, charging and business payment solutions provider, Allstar, to offer customers a comprehensive new Fuel and Charging Card solution: Allstar Chargepass®.

Benefits of Each Type of Agreement

When looking for a business or personal vehicle leasing agreement, don’t underestimate the importance of services that may or may not be included. At Leasys all our agreements include roadside assistance and a driver helpline, making sure neither you nor your employees are ever left stranded. To get the right agreement for you, you may also choose to add additional packages, such as servicing and maintenance, regular tyre changes or windscreen and glass replacement cover. All this can help minimise the impact of potential unforeseen repair expenses that can come as a nasty surprise, and will always keep your employees safe and supported behind the wheel.
It is also important to remember that with Leasys, maintenance service costs are fixed and inflation-proof for the length of your contract, providing cost reassurance and keeping your budget safe.

How to choose the right type of agreement

The only way to choose the right agreement for you is to call upon the experience of a trusted provider. Leasys always goes the extra mile to ensure they provide a best-in-class experience.

Leasys offer a wide range of vehicles – why not explore the options and see if there is something that suits your needs? If you’re not sure about which vehicle would be the best fit for you, take advantage of our tailored leasing services to pinpoint exactly what you need. Not only can our dedicated staff discuss vehicle options, but they will also help you determine the ideal duration, the correct mileage allowance and whether any of our cost-effective optional service packages can help you get the best out of your agreement.

Choosing the right type of agreement isn’t difficult when you have one of the best names in the business by your side. Leasys have the perfect solution to suit you, whatever you’re looking for, so speak to one of our team members today and, whether you’re a business or personal customer, you could be taking delivery of your new vehicle sooner than you think. You drive. Leave the rest to us.